Monday, November 16, 2009

Heroes Sports Bar & Grill

Address: 117 N Mosely St
Number: (316) 264-4376

Friday was the first time I ever had a burger from Heroes. It was also the last. While Heroes has a great location, a nice setup, and an attentive wait-staff, the burgers don't make the cut.The patty was bland and a dry. I shouldn't have to rely on extra ketchup to be able to chew a burger. The closest the burger got to tasting good was through it's presentation: the vegetables were colorful, and the fries looked golden (obviously processed and I'm guessing frozen). Another ding on the scorecard was the price $6.99 for the burger $0.50 for cheese (I hate that) and not sure what the drink was, I'm guessing $1.50 (free refills). After tax it was probably about 10 bucks for the meal, not including tip, and the burger was only standard size (most likely 1/3 lbs). I should mention it was enough to fill me up, though I only weight 160 lbs. Cash and Credit Cards are accepted.

In Heroes' defense, they are a Sports Bar, with an emphasis on Bar on the weekends (when I was there). They are not know for their burgers, nor will they be. However, it is a great place to catch a game or grab a beer. It's also the only place I know in Wichita where you can get $5 pitchers of Shiner Bock! Bonus points for that.

Overall Impression: Good place, bad burger. No toilet effect.

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