Monday, November 16, 2009

Heroes Sports Bar & Grill

Address: 117 N Mosely St
Number: (316) 264-4376

Friday was the first time I ever had a burger from Heroes. It was also the last. While Heroes has a great location, a nice setup, and an attentive wait-staff, the burgers don't make the cut.The patty was bland and a dry. I shouldn't have to rely on extra ketchup to be able to chew a burger. The closest the burger got to tasting good was through it's presentation: the vegetables were colorful, and the fries looked golden (obviously processed and I'm guessing frozen). Another ding on the scorecard was the price $6.99 for the burger $0.50 for cheese (I hate that) and not sure what the drink was, I'm guessing $1.50 (free refills). After tax it was probably about 10 bucks for the meal, not including tip, and the burger was only standard size (most likely 1/3 lbs). I should mention it was enough to fill me up, though I only weight 160 lbs. Cash and Credit Cards are accepted.

In Heroes' defense, they are a Sports Bar, with an emphasis on Bar on the weekends (when I was there). They are not know for their burgers, nor will they be. However, it is a great place to catch a game or grab a beer. It's also the only place I know in Wichita where you can get $5 pitchers of Shiner Bock! Bonus points for that.

Overall Impression: Good place, bad burger. No toilet effect.

Introduction: Ground Rules

My girlfriend moved to Wichita from New York City a few months ago. Among the differences she noted, was the fact that Kansans love meat. Not only do we love meat, we eat a lot of it, frequently. I realized I seldomly have a meal that does not involve beef, pork, chicken, lamb, or venison. Instead of feeling remorse for eating large quantities of red meat, I have decided to manifest my love for Cheeseburgers by writing this blog.

Wichita Burger Review will focus on any place that serves Cheeseburgers in the area, with an occasional "out of town" appearance. The blog is not meant to determine where the best burger is, rather to give readers information so they can form their own opinions and discover new delicious burger joints in ICT.

I will try to assess the establishments based off location, physical appearance, taste, burger presentation, price, payment options, portion size, wait staff, "toilet effect," and overall impressions.

If you know of a great burger place, please let me know!